Health Data Con – Part II

02.11. | 11:15 -13:00

Health Data Con – Part II

with Birgit Bauer, Dr. Winfried Veil, Dr. Viola Priesemann, Nick Schneider, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Ass. jur. Alexander Radbruch
Moderation: Dr. Philipp Kircher and Lars Roemheld

Please note: this part of the conference is in German language only.

About the benefits and use of medical data in care and research.


Information about health is the basis for data-driven medicine and good care. Intensive use of data is at odds with the conflicting demands of health care and data protection. What are the benefits of data and how can we use them appropriately? What are the requirements of medical research and why do we use only part of the available data? How can we rethink data protection?”